Place of Dreams is a leading sleep health clinic. For over 20 years, we have been providing professional, outcome-focused care for the treatment of snoring, sleep apnea and more.

Every day, we earn our reputation by putting our patients first. With our team of friendly, knowledgeable staff and a comprehensive range of products, we are ready to help you achieve healthy sleep.

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A local West Australian owned and operated small business, our staff are like family, our customers become friends. Born from the vision to use our passion and experience in sleep health to help people find the energy to live the life they dream.

Our purpose is simple - to connect with others to energise their dreams with the power of good sleep.

Our new virtual space goes well beyond traditional healthcare - aiming to help people find their energy through building good sleep habits, creating a sleep sanctuary and accessing innovative products.



"The Place of Dreams team really shone a light on what good sleep looks like and how we can achieve it. Working in the Hospitality industry, on our feet anywhere between 6 - 10 hours a day, its super important we are able to shut down our bodies and let them recover, recharge & refresh with a good sleep. Creating a healthy / consistent routine is not always achievable with rostered shifts changing from one week to the next. The tips & tricks  given to our staff by the “Dream Team”,  on how they can achieve a better relationship with their sleep patterns will ensure they continue to turn up as the best version of themselves both in and outside of the workplace. 


I still hear staff talking to one another asking each other ‘How was your sleep last night’? And the genuine excitement in their voice when detailing how they achieved such a good nights sleep."

Lachlan Howarth

Thank you so much for providing our team members with tips and tricks, as well as products, to support getting a healthy happy sleep. It was an absolute pleasure having you and the team on site, I look forward to working with you in the future.

“Place of Dreams are passionate about sleep and this shows through their wealth of knowledge and array of products available. All team members delivered content and product information with absolute professionalism whilst also being incredibly friendly and engaging.”

Casandra Neleman


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