Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching

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Whether your sleep issues are the result of chronic conditions like insomnia or stem from years of poor habits or bad sleeping environments- Sleep Coaching can help to get you back on track.

Sleep Coaching with pod is a bespoke program, custom-built to meet your unique needs.  Our program goes beyond the traditional test and diagnosis model and looks holistically at all of the issues that can impact sleep like poor sleep habits, underlying sleep disorders, inappropriate sleeping environments, or other conditions contributing to poor sleep - such as menopause.

Our Sleep Coaching program takes place over 4 weeks and consists of 3 appointments that we will use to gather information, create a personalized program for you, and review your progress. 

You can access this program in person at our clinics in Joondalup or Mandurah or via telehealth from anywhere in WA!

    Sleep Health Check

    At pod, we help our customers to create good sleep habits, to build their own sleep sanctuary, and to treat underlying medical conditions possibly impacting on a good night’s sleep and a vibrant life.

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