CPAP Support Package


Patients that have purchased a device through Place of Dreams are automatically included in our CPAP Support Package at not extra cost. 

We want to ensure your investment on a CPAP device is supported for the life of the device. 

Haven't purchased your device through Place of Dreams?
You can still be supported by our team!

Our support package costs $385.

So what do you get included in our package?

Services Covered:

  • Annual device review - 30 min therapist appointment at no cost
    (normally $75)
  • CPAP Device Pressure Check - using a Manometer pressure device
  • Free Filter Replacement at your annual appointment
  • Data download and analysis
  • Equipment check, assessment and clean 
  • Mask refit and review if necessary
  • Report for GP/Specialist 
  • Report for patient 
  • Cleaning guide
  • Free rental of a CPAP device if your device needs to be sent away for repair - we will send it off your on your behalf and you continue therapy on one of our devices undistrubed - we contact you when your device has returned from repair. No stress.
    (normally $55 per week)
  • Free mask trial as and when required
    (normally $25 per week)
  • Patients can contact our clinic at anytime if they need support from a therapist and our team will arrange a phone or face to face appointment (depending on what is required) 
  • Ongoing remote or online device support - so we can help you almost anywhere.

 At Place of Dreams, we get using a CPAP device can be stressful enough. Knowing you have our team to support you can help you sleep better at night. 

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