Sleep Tips While Traveling

Sleep Tips While Traveling

One of the most common sleep-related searches happening right now in Australia is ‘trouble sleeping while camping or travelling’.  I think with school holidays in full swing and Christmas camping trips looming, people are desperate to unlock the secret to taking their good sleep with them when they travel. So, we thought this month we would help with a few key tips for simply better sleep - while traveling. 

Obviously, with travel restrictions, jet lag is not currently a problem for most of us, so we’ll leave that for another day. But how do you take all the great sleep habits you have developed at home on the road?   

First, start with your environment: 

Whether you are in a hotel, at your in-laws, or camping in the bush, there are 3 must-haves in your room to help you fall and stay asleep.  

    1) It has to be quiet.  Especially when we travel, when every noise is unfamiliar - we are on high alert for things that go bump in the night. If you can’t control the sound in your environment invest in some good ear plugs, or pop in your noise-cancelling ear buds and crank up your favorite white noise mix to help your brain come off guard duty and allow you to relax. If you are using white noise don’t be tempted to turn it off the in the middle of the night. Keeping it going throughout your slumber will reduce your disruptions as the house starts to wake and the birds start to chirp. Let the smell of coffee wake you up rather than your father’s regular toilet visits.  

    2) It has to be dark. A lot of times you are at the mercy of your hosts as to whether you have access to great black out curtains that make you feel like you are in a Victorian mansion or broken blinds that stream in street lights all night. Take control by always bringing a good, contoured eye mask with you that will block out all the light, regardless of what the room has to offer. 

    3) It has to be cool...  and heading into the Aussie summer, we know that’s easier said than done. Skin temperature is actually the key to this, so avoid exercise or anything that will raise your body temp right before bed.  You can take a cool shower to help your body in the process of cooling down for sleep. Skip the cuddle time and take the excuse to spread eagle on the bed to avoid transferring body heat. And stay cool through the night by adding some airflow - pop on a fan, open a window or your tent flaps and keep the air moving. 

Next, stick to your routine:  

We hope by now that you have your home routine on point - but if not, have a look at our tips here to help you nail this before you leave. .  The key here is that you keep your routine going when you are away.  Follow it to the letter so that you keep up that great training you’ve perfected at home. This could mean bringing with you a few of your sanctuary items like your fav pillow mist, sheets, your yoga mat, or your sleepy time tea to help signal your brain that it’s time to drift off. 

Don’t fall into the holiday trap:  

We all do it, right?  Too much food (the feeling of crapulence: now you have a word for it!); a late afternoon latte; one too many wines; or getting sucked into family drama that we usually do so well at avoiding.  All of these things can lead to sleep disruptions.  So, stick to what you know works for you at home, and try not to slip into too many bad habits while you are away so that your sleep can recharge you and let you make the most of your holiday!   

Last but not least - enjoy! Enjoy the luxury of sleep - make it a priority - and come back from your holiday rested, recharged, and with the energy to live the life you dream.  

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