AirMini Bedside Starter Kit with your choice of CPAP Mask

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The smallest portable automatic CPAP machine! 

The compact AirMini CPAP device includes CPAP (fixed pressure), APAP (automatic) and APAP for Her modes all within the one machine.

It offers the same AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief and Smart Start features as the S10 device. 

This bundle includes: 

  • An AirMini device,
  • CPAP Mask,
  • Mask Connector Pack for AirMini,
  • A Mount System,
  • DrawString Bag,
  • Power cord,
  • Waterless humidification (for P10 and N20 masks only),
  • Free access to AirMini phone App for added support,
  • 5-year warranty with SleepVantage Membership,
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee,
  • Eligible for health insurance rebate (estimated $720).

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