Kiyoshi Ultrasonic Salt Lamp Diffuser (Classic White)

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Our Dream Team has searched high and low to bring you the dreamiest diffuser around. The Kiyoshi diffuser is the perfect combination; ultrasonic technology with the natural benefits of Himalayan Salt. 

The Alcyon Aroma Cool Mist Diffusers utilise ultrasonic vibrations and function silently, delivering a microscopic mist into your home. Add your favourite essential oils Sleep Blend and relax whilst enjoying the holistic benefits of salt and aromatherapy. 

The Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers work by breaking down water, increasing the humidity within a room or workspace to help with respiratory problems and dry skin issues.

The Himalayan Salt benefits include improving air quality, balancing ions, defuse digital haze and soothing light for relaxation.


Brand Alcyon™
Power Supply DC 24v
Size 190 X 230mm
Water Reservoir 160ml
Mist Output 20ml/h
Constant Runtime Approximately 8 hours
Material ABS + PP Plastic
Night-light YES
Night-light Effect 5 Stages Dimmer-able Halogen Light
Warranty 12 Months

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