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What can you expect from a CPAP Trial with ResSleepWA

Congratulations! You’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, and so you finally know why you’ve been feeling the way you have. Now you can get started on the path to reclaim your life!

There are multiple different treatment options for sleep apnoea that your sleep physician will discuss with you, but today the focus is on what CPAP is, and what can you expect from a CPAP trial.

The Lowdown on Sleep Apnoea
While there are HEAPS of things that can cause issues with people’s sleep, one of the most common is called Sleep Apnoea. So, today we wanted to do quick overview of what it is, why we care, and how we treat it.  
Does your CPAP Need a Little Love? A guide to cleaning your equipment
Keeping your equipment in good condition is the key to getting the most out of your CPAP therapy but when life gets busy,  for many people, CPAP cleaning is the first task to go.  Here is a guide to keeping your equipment in top shape. 

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